Armond Rizzo: It’s Easy to Catch Catfish

When talking to a guy on a dating app your head is always filled with questions. How is he so hot? How is he so single? How is he EVEN real?


Well, unfortunately, sometimes he isn’t. 


More on the topic of the real and the fake is one of gay porns most popular stars of the time, Mr. Armond Rizzo. A tip Rizzo gave to one of our Don’t Be a Dick campaign correspondents, was to analyze the profiles and match them up with their pictures. This may seem self explanatory, but you’d be surprised what one might miss if you’re not looking through an objective eye. Love may be blind, but just use common sense.


Essentially, Rizzo just thinks people who fake their lives on apps are not content and it ultimately makes them self-conscious. Mentioning, “if you’re going to talk smack about someone, show your face!”  Basically he means you should just be accountable for your actions and be honest and upfront with who you present yourself as online.


Some advice to take home straight from the stud himself, “Don’t be a dick! You deserve something real, not a dildo!” We think you can use a dildo if you really want, though.


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