Billy Santoro: Everyone Wants Dick; However…

Billy Santoro a porn star and internet celebrity shared his experience in gay dating apps

After this year’s Cybersocket Awards, an annual event that honors some of the best in gay adult entertainment, our Don’t Be A Dick correspondent was able to sit down with Billy Santoro and discuss how gay people communicate in online dating

Picture: Billy Santoro

Having grown from newcomer to megastar in just four years, Billy Santoro attributes much of his success to his presence on social media.  Whether that be via traditional social media – Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram – or on dating apps – Grindr, Scruff, or Jack’d – Billy has been able to continually connect with his fans.  Through his continued use of these various apps, Billy Santoro came to a simple conclusion:  A lot of people on these dating apps are single and may actually want to meet someone, but only after they’ve sampled the “goods.”  He continued by saying although they may tell you that they want to hang out, in reality, they’re just looking for some dick…


So follow Billy Santoro’s advice, and just be genuine!  It’s ok to want some dick, but don’t deny that that is your intention.  After all, we all want some dick!

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