Dalton Briggs: Not into Watersports

What kind of things does adult film hottie, Dalton Briggs,  look for online? One of our lucky reporters got to catch up with him at a recent event on behalf of the Don’t Be A Dick campaign, powered by VIGR.

Source: Falcon Studios

Briggs found that people will often lie and say they are online to make friends and hang out, but later realize that they are just there looking for sex. If you’re just looking for sex, that’s fine! Just don’t be deceptive about it. Briggs mostly uses apps to make friends and he really enjoys getting to know new people. How sweet is that?


So if you happen to see him online in the future, don’t send a dick pic. Maybe start with a creative way of describing yourself, or asking him about his interests! Just food for thought.

And incase you missed it in the interview, no he is not into water sports. I’d bet he would look good playing water polo though.



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