Dirk Caber & Jesse Jackman: Who Reads Profiles?

You know that portion in your online profile that asks you to describe yourself? Some people, like the devilishly handsome Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber, actually read those. Surprising, right?

Source: Falcon Studios

Filling out your profile allows other people to find common ground with you, and allows for more in depth and meaningful conversation. Let’s face it, most people online are looking for something more! The first step to getting that is just being upfront and real about who you are. You like basketball? That’s awesome! There are probably thousands of other men who could talk about that for hours.

Set yourself up for success with online dating by filling out your profile. You never know who could stumble upon you and share similar interests. It could be the man of your dreams… Too bad your profile is blank.


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