Our Mission

What’s wrong?

Fake profiles. Vulgarity. Catfishing. Time wasting.
The plagues of modern online dating.

While dating apps can provide a bridge between people, they also foster loneliness and degradation.  Anonymity and physical distance between strangers fooled us into thinking our words and actions have zero real-world consequences.  We’ve all become indifferent to the names, faces and emotions of individual human beings deserving of common dignity and respect.

Dating apps have led us to neglect the feelings of one another in ways that we never would have when communicating face to face.
Fact: Behind every profile is a real living person.

Our goal is to spark public awareness for the way people communicate with one another in the online dating sphere.  Don’t Be a Dick is a joint effort in collaboration with organizations, celebrities and businesses from the gay community to shout from the rooftops:  this toxic behavior should not be tolerated.

Together we will reinforce those who wish to interact with civility while denouncing those who are acting like ‘dicks’ in online dating platforms. We’ve pieced together an online dater’s Code of Conduct to help guide towards more authentic communication with one another.